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Live Consciously  is the passionate creation and practice of Alisa Lollback, Holistic Psychologist and Somatic Psychotherapist.  Live Consciously offers a wide range of therapies based on an extensive and practical understanding of the deep and intimate connectedness of our Mind, Body and Spirit.

The Holistic Psychological Therapies offered at Live Consciously enable you to explore all aspects of Mind, Body and Spirit.  Many established medical practitioners, psychologists and alternative therapists focus only on one or two aspects of this essential trio of what constitutes our wholeness and potential.  Alisa works to help you understand and then release your potential by combining and harmonising all three vital aspects of your being.

Alisa has an extensive record of supporting you through a wide range of issues and challenges that can affect us at any time in the demanding lives we find ourselves living today.  These can include such debilitating areas as anxiety and depression, relationship matters including marriage counsellingtrauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), addiction and physical illness and disease.

She can work with you as an individual, as part of a couple, in larger groups and in different contexts like organisations and in specific corporate cultural environments.

Alisa has years of study and practice in Australia and the USA.  These working environments have helped her develop her unique skills and she can draw on a rich set of resources in healing approaches.  These include Psychological counselling,  Somatic Psychotherapy (Somatics focuses on all aspects of our bodies), Mindfulness, Jin Shin Jyutsu and Energy Psychology.

The Live Consciously website is educational in nature and offers valuable information to aid your understanding of a range of mental and physical challenges from simply feeling tired or frustrated with certain aspects of your life, through to things that are causing or could cause more serious illnesses.  All the therapies can be used in different combinations to support your own unique healing and sustainable health and happiness.

Please enjoy the Live Consciously website!

Alisa Lollback

Alisa Lollback

Holistic Psychologist, Somatic Psychotherapist, Founder and Director of 

Live Consciously Pty Ltd

“When we choose to ‘Live Consciously’ we empower ourselves to lead happier and healthier lives”

Alisa Lollback